Are you planning for a day tour in San Francisco? Though, it is not possible to visit all the significant locations of this city in one day, but still you can see some famous places of this city. It is situated in northern California and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Off-course, you need guidance to start your one day tour in the city because you can miss seeing some impressive spots. Check out the things to do in San Francisco on a day tour and have an amazing tour of this fantastic city.


Union Square:

People call it the heart of the city because it is the center of many activities in San Francisco. It offers you everything you want as you can have hotels, shopping centers, and the monument of Adm. George Dewey. Often tourists and locals come here and sit to enjoy the warmth of the sun during winter days. You can see many other tourists here during the holiday season. This location in San Francisco is also renowned for hosting the tallest Christmas tree. So you should start your one day tour of San Francisco from Union Square.


Ride cable car:

Every tourist loves to take a ride on San Francisco’s world famous cable car. It takes you to ride of many historical landmarks of the city. Hence, you have started your tour from Union Square; it would be not so tough for you to catch the cable car. Both Powell-Hyde Line and Powell-Mason Line are near to Union Square. It is simply the best way to travel many of unforgettable locations of the city simultaneously. You can easily get individual and group tours in the cable cars and then enjoy your journey of San Francisco City.



San Francisco’s Chinatown is renowned as the largest Chinatown in the western region of the world. It is also famous as the oldest one in the North America. You can get here via public transport or private transport, but you must visit here to see the beauty. It will take a large time to visit all the famous streets of Chinatown, where you will find many amazing kinds of stuff to buy for you and your home. For sure it will be one of the best things to do in San Francisco on a day tour.


Visit the Aquarium of Bay:

You will see sharks so closely that you would have never seen before; that’s what Aquarium of Bay offers to you. It is one of the most famous locations to see in San Francisco. You go through the acrylic tunnel that is 300 feet long. You will get a chance to see many species of sharks, and you can also click some amazing pictures with these sharks.


California Academy of Science:

Don’t miss a chance of enjoying your time at this place. It is all you want to know about the science and the world. You can come here with your kids and also with your friends. Adults love to visit this place to enjoy an amazing nightlife with music, drinks and many other things they get here.

These are the best Things to do in San Francisco on A day tour in which you will know the city and its fantastic attractions.

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