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Experience Magical Yosemite National Park in Winter

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If there has ever been a true wonderland on this planet it must surely be Yosemite National Park in winter. The Park transforms into a magical, snowy wonderland, frozen in time yet very much alive with an array of exciting outdoor activities and thing to do. Simply put, most travelers who spend their vacations or sightseeing Yosemite sights and wilderness during the winter months, spend the rest of the year dreaming about returning.

So, what can you do in a place covered with mountains of snow? 

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There are so many fun activities to enjoy in Yosemite in winter. With the abundance of snow, you’ll be able to engage in a myriad of winter sports in the Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area (formerly known as the Badger Pass Ski Area).  Here, you can try downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snow tubing, and even ice skating at their outdoor ice rink.  Yosemite winter hiking is another beloved pastime.  Although many trails are closed, a good number are still accessible during the winter. The ones in the Yosemite Valley are open year-round for you to explore and so much to see and do there.  Trails within the Hetch Hetchy region are usually available during the winter season as well.  Wawona Meadow Loop and Wawona Swinging Bridge are two other places on the top of the list to visit. The Yosemite Zipline and Adventure Ranch is open year-round and you can even record your adventure by renting a GoPro video helmet!

Yosemite in Winter

If the sports activities are not your scene, you can relax with some winter sightseeing. Try Horsetail Fall in February when the sun hits the water and lights up the falls at sunset. Here you can see frazil ice and frozen waterfalls – a fairytale world suspended in ice.

Stargazing is another favorite. Head out to Bass Lake to explore the dark winter skies or attend a night event at Bass Lake. Or what about a ride in a horse-drawn Sleigh? Your whole family will enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by Belgian Draft Horses complete with jingle bells.

Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Road

Then, after all the outdoor sights, you can spend time at the local museums. Winter is a great time to avoid the crowds at popular museums such as the Yosemite Visitor Center, Ansel Adams Gallery, Indian Culture Museum. Outside the park, don’t miss a visit to Railtown, the Navel Museum, the Eastern California Museum, or the Mariposa Museum and History Center.

There are also a number of fun events organized throughout winter and you can participate in local traditions with holiday parades and theater performances.

Just to make sure that you don’t forget the culinary delights of the region, America’s most renowned chefs come together at The Majestic Yosemite Hotel each winter, to share their cuisine at this exceptional event. The Taste of Yosemite package includes lodging, a Meet the Chefs reception, cooking demonstrations and a five-course dinner with wine pairings.

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Where to stay in Yosemite?

There’s no greater convenience than staying right in Yosemite National Park – waking up with all the Park’s natural wonders right at your doorstep. With a range of accommodation – from elegant hotels with exceptional service to simple canvas tent cabins—you’ll find the perfect place to settle in, surrounded by some of the most majestic natural wonders on earth. Choose from Yosemite Majestic Hotel, Yosemite Valley Lodge, Big Tree Lodge, RV and camp grounds, Glacier Point Ski Hut and many more.

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Due to the amount of snow Yosemite Park gets each winter, certain roads are closed to vehicles until spring. Three of Yosemite National Park’s entrances stay open year-round: CA 41 from Oakhurst, CA; 140 from Mariposa; and CA 120 West from Groveland. So, it’s best to check the Road Access information from the official website when you are planning your trip. The best way to explore Yosemite in winter is by 4X4 SUVs or book a private tour of Yosemite  all included, and worry-free.

Yosemite Valley

The temperature of Yosemite Valley and Wawona usually averages around a high of 53 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you go prepared you will enjoy every moment of the crisp air and dreamy landscape. Because weather can change so quickly at Yosemite, and temperatures drop quickly as you gain altitude, it’s important to be prepared for any weather you may come across—especially if you’re cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. It’s possible to be gliding along in the sunshine one minute and hunkered down for a squall the next. Always bring plenty of layers, extra food and extra water—even if you’re just going out for a quick trip.

If you want a hassle-free Yosemite experience, why not use the services of an experienced tour company?

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Join the only Yosemite Private Tours  specialist  and trek through the winter wonderland of Yosemite National Park. While many bus tour operators cancel their tours during winter, we continue to run our 4×4 SUV guided tours because our vehicles can handle the weather and the snow. Let our dedicated and passionate guides take you on a magical ride along the breathtaking winter scenery in Yosemite National Park. These adventures are available from November to April, and you can save more by booking more days or tours or combine Yosemite National Park with Lake Tahoe or Sequoias National Park or even with Mammoth Lakes  and enjoy an incredible vacation destination, regardless of the time of year!  If you’re craving a getaway with your special someone, Yosemite in winter is truly stunning.  Discover everything you need to know about what Yosemite National Park is like this time of year and start making plans to visit!

Finding Reasonable Yosemite Hotels and Lodging


Hotel and lodging offices range from comfortable boutique hotels to business hotels, spending plan hotels, augmented stay hotels and long haul rentals. Contingent upon why they are around the local area, guests have a tendency to pick convenience that is closest to the ranges they need to visit. While boutique style hotels and costly hotels have a tendency to be situated in the downtown territory and the shopping area, the monetary allowance and sensibly evaluated housing can be discovered southwards along the course to the airplane terminal.

The most helpful places around the hotel and lodging

One can pick the urban or mountain zone to discover convenience going from ski and golf resorts, motels, overnight boardinghouse, home stay style hotels and boutique hotels all bundled with an assortment of pleasantries to suit the visitor. Found near the greater part of the city’s real attractions, most loved hotels offer amazing stay and esteem for cash with agreeable rooms, gracious staff that considerations and offices like free stopping, an accommodation store, a clubhouse adjacent, an on location service station, meeting lobby and assortment diversion.


Yosemite Hotels & Lodging choices are wide and fluctuated and are regularly gone with alluring arrangements and offers. Guests to Yosemite tend to take a gander at hotels in the downtown zone and the greater part of them are inside of strolling separation to the region’s fundamental venues, nightspots, music celebrations, theater, diversion, fine eating and shopping region. Different sights that draw the guests around there are the Center for Music, the Art Gallery, Theater, the exceptional City Hall, gardens, market and a great deal more.


Everything a guest needs

Guests additionally want to make Edmonton their base while searching for Yosemite hotel and lodging alternatives while going by Canada as it is the most event city in the nation. One of Yosemite’s greatest encounters is the Mall that draws travelers from everywhere throughout the world. The Mall has more than eight hundred stores, twenty motion picture theaters, a themed event congregation and an indoor water stop, a lake, club and various other intriguing elements. The place is likewise where there are celebrations and display appears consistently, and there is a customary inflow of guests who take an interest in these. It is known for its shopping knowledge, awesome spots to eat, sprawling parks, universal music appears and wears.


Many hotels are there which have each pleasantry visitors might search for, including reasonable, extensive and happy with lodging offer advantageous online bookings. These hotels and Lodgings is the main decision for a different guest profile that incorporates business visitors, families, and truckers searching for a comfortable truck stop where they can unwind before continuing their trip and visitors looking for long haul rentals and expanded remains. While booking Yosemite hotel and lodging, the prime worry of the guest is proximity to critical venues in the city and a charming sit tight. Now go and get your bookings done immediately to enjoy your vacation. Everything will be near to you.

Safety and Comfort Assured With Yosemite Hotels & Lodging

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Have a Wonderful Time on Your Trip to the Yosemite Falls

Every holiday season, most of us wonder as to where do we go on a holiday. Whether you are planning for a trip with your family or friends, be it a short or a long trip, all you need for a perfect holiday is a place where you can never get bored. One such place to visit is the Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Fall.

Who wouldn’t love to live among the nature and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls? A visit to a nature park can fill your holiday with memories that you can cherish for a life time. Huge mountains and lakes passing through them, a sight of high waterfalls with fresh water are some of those wonderful memories that you would be taking back.

If you are one of those who is really back at planning trips, then you can choose the services of private tour providers. They can plan the best tour for you and your family and everything is taken care by them. Private tours are now days preferred mostly by families as they travel with kids and pets and do not wish to get into any last moment hassles.

A number of private tour providers can provide you with 1 day or a 2day or other tour packages and you can choose the one based on your time and budget. You can choose a simple one day custom tour across the Yosemite National park which is often known to be a jewel of California. You can have a private tour of the complete park in a luxury SUV with some experienced tour guides who are certainly more than a driver. This is one place where you do not have the chaos of a bus or combined tours. You can enjoy the nature all by yourself, taking the time you need to see every aspect of nature as it unfolds new things before you.

Another most interesting place to visit is for sure the waterfalls; they are the Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Fall. Yosemite is known to be best parks in California and is one of the ten best parks and a must see national park.

Apart from the 1 day trip you can also choose packages of 4-5 days where you can enjoy trips to Yosemite National Park, Tuolumne Meadows which are located in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains where you can be assured of a wonderful outdoor experience. You can also pay a visit to some of the lakes like the Tenaya Lake and the Tioga Lake and some of which are located at a height of more than 9943 Ft. Many people who have an interest of photography or hiking can indeed have a great time. A number of species of flora and fauna can also be found in this place.

So, the next time you wish to plan for a holiday, do pay a visit to the Yosemite national park, where you along with your kids are sure to have a wonderful time.

Better Than the Best Yosemite Travel Guide


Most of us like to travel to different parts of the world. Travelling is part of our life, under most of the circumstances, when we are in a major responsible role in the job, business or family too. Our travelling could be for so many reasons whatsoever, but we always try to make the bookings well in advance to make it a comfortable journey altogether. In that way, when you are interested in booking your holiday travels in the most comfortable and affordable manner, then here is the top assistance for you.

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The Best Things to Do In San Francisco on a Day Tour

Are you planning for a day tour in San Francisco? Though, it is not possible to visit all the significant locations of this city in one day, but still you can see some famous places of this city. It is situated in northern California and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Off-course, you need guidance to start your one day tour in the city because you can miss seeing some impressive spots. Check out the things to do in San Francisco on a day tour and have an amazing tour of this fantastic city.


Union Square:

People call it the heart of the city because it is the center of many activities in San Francisco. It offers you everything you want as you can have hotels, shopping centers, and the monument of Adm. George Dewey. Often tourists and locals come here and sit to enjoy the warmth of the sun during winter days. You can see many other tourists here during the holiday season. This location in San Francisco is also renowned for hosting the tallest Christmas tree. So you should start your one day tour of San Francisco from Union Square.


Ride cable car:

Every tourist loves to take a ride on San Francisco’s world famous cable car. It takes you to ride of many historical landmarks of the city. Hence, you have started your tour from Union Square; it would be not so tough for you to catch the cable car. Both Powell-Hyde Line and Powell-Mason Line are near to Union Square. It is simply the best way to travel many of unforgettable locations of the city simultaneously. You can easily get individual and group tours in the cable cars and then enjoy your journey of San Francisco City.



San Francisco’s Chinatown is renowned as the largest Chinatown in the western region of the world. It is also famous as the oldest one in the North America. You can get here via public transport or private transport, but you must visit here to see the beauty. It will take a large time to visit all the famous streets of Chinatown, where you will find many amazing kinds of stuff to buy for you and your home. For sure it will be one of the best things to do in San Francisco on a day tour.


Visit the Aquarium of Bay:

You will see sharks so closely that you would have never seen before; that’s what Aquarium of Bay offers to you. It is one of the most famous locations to see in San Francisco. You go through the acrylic tunnel that is 300 feet long. You will get a chance to see many species of sharks, and you can also click some amazing pictures with these sharks.


California Academy of Science:

Don’t miss a chance of enjoying your time at this place. It is all you want to know about the science and the world. You can come here with your kids and also with your friends. Adults love to visit this place to enjoy an amazing nightlife with music, drinks and many other things they get here.

These are the best Things to do in San Francisco on A day tour in which you will know the city and its fantastic attractions.

Camping in Yosemite National Park

Camping in Yosemite National Park-The Great Escape You Will Never Want to Miss

Camping is one of the best ways to see Yosemite national park, and lucky for you, you will find thirteen campgrounds from the park. Camping in Yosemite National Park could be challenging in the summer months, but if you make concerns early, you should be assured to getting just the right position for your loved ones vacation.

From April through September, reservations certainly are a must at any one of Yosemite’s campgrounds. They generally fill by noon at the most recent, consequently first-come, first-serve isn’t really a choice during summer outdoor camping in Yosemite national park. You are required to make reservations year-round when it comes to Yosemite Valley’s automobile campgrounds and they’re a must in summer season through fall. You possibly can make reservations for up to one month at the same time, as soon as five months before.

A Unique Practical knowledge

Camping in Yosemite is just a unique experience because there are so many things to see and do with this magnificent park. You can explore the country at Tuolumne Meadows and Glacier Point, or hike some superb hiking trails. In Yosemite Valley, you can gaze in awe with the waterfalls, hike huge batch meadows, and view climbers scale El Capitan (or just go climb a rock!). On the road to the country, you can stop and watch the Big Timber at Crane Smooth or Wawona, and everywhere you go you will find new things to see and learn

Winter in Yosemite

Many campgrounds are open all year in Yosemite, to camp in Yosemite Park even when the snow flies. There’s cross-country, snowboarding and downhill skiing in the park, and you can go ice skate boarding in Yosemite Village, too. Or, rent a set of snowshoes and cross the valley meadows on foot.

Besides hiking, you may bring your bikes or rent them to ride around the Yosemite Valley, you can also go horseback riding, look at the shops and museums through Yosemite Village, or have a fine meal in the Ahwahnee Hotel as well as the Resort, a 4-star hotel.

Watch for bears

Remember when you are camping in Yosemite National Park to be wary of bears. You need to store all your food in a food locker while you are camping. These lockers are available in Curry Village and nearly all the parking locations for trailheads, and every campsite inside the park. You cannot store food in your vehicle overnight; you need to work with a food locker.

Motor home and Group Outdoor camping

You will find spots made for group camping as well as RV camping in Yosemite, but in the summertime, they go fast, so you should make your reservations as soon as possible. Understand that a few of the best country roads are generally narrow and twisty, so a very big motor home might not be a good idea.

Camping in just about any national park is really a real treat, and so you just need to make plans for your next camping visit to Yosemite soon!